STARRY NIGHT new custom skinzz | DOUBLE DUGOUT

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Ist of the Custom design wraps.  

Starry Night box for all the dreams out there.  

Dishwasher safe & Pro grade vinyl wraps. NO FADE only fun custom skinzz. 

Scratch proof.  Waterproof. Ready for your abuse and able to look good doing it. 

Buy now and be the first with the custom skinzz.

 THE MODERN DUGOUT. Perfect blend of durable and discreet. Classic & trendy. 

★ PEACE OF MIND. Forever tight top with core thru lid design keeps all your smoking accessories safe and secure.  Keeps your product fresher for longer.

 NO STINK.  This case is made with a unique blend of industrial strength nylon. It is virtually indestructible and the finest storage solution. Run it over with a truck and it still works. The one of a kind design swivel lid is easily & fully adjustable. This seals in contents and protects from outside elements. This little black box floats. 

 NO PINCH.  Designed different with rounded corner to comfortably fit in pockets. 4" x 2.5" x .75"  No more butt pinch.  

★ NO WORRIES.  XXL Product chamberHolds 2x as much as traditional wood dugouts. Custom springs make for a soft touch eject, not a rocket to your face.  Open a little for one smoky stick or rotate lid fully for both to pop up.  A cleaning tool is included. 

★ Perfect for the on-the-go stealth smoker. This crush proof case is built to perform on all your adventures. Take it anywhere from tailgating parties to the beach or just for a quick break around town.  

★ BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. 100% product satisfaction guarantee.  Made in the USA.  Built by the best of the best American workers. 

 New BOSS BRASS. Excellence at its best. "Truly a superior product to anything you have ever seen or used before."  Exclusive Clean Cut Tip & Cool Grip. A balanced & lighter brass hitter.  Or choose either cigarette classic set up.

 Your buds will thank you & Perfect gift for any occasion.